Our Story

Singing and playing together is nothing new for Kerry Skiles and Brian Mattson. For over 15 years they’ve been integral members of their church worship band. What’s new is the result of their mutual mid-life crisis: a collaborative duo, Ticker Tape Parade.
Kerry joins her voice with Brian’s guitar, and together they fuel the synergy with an eclectic and beautiful assortment of original songs.

Kerry Skiles was born in northern California, and hasn't stopped singing. The daughter of an Assemblies of God minister, she has never not sung in church. Her older sister began placing her in singing competitions at age 5, where she beat the Tumble Bumble Twins by singing, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing." Other highlights are walking out on a recording contract at age 19 when she refused to wear the assigned leopard-print coat. Most recently, she has been the lead singer for Captive Thought. Trudy Poirier (the aforementioned older sister) has been Kerry's lifelong inspiration and mentor, and Kerry is thankful for being forced to sing Judy Collins when Olivia Newton-John was all the rage. She's been married to her husband, Steve, for 25 years and has four beautiful children.

Brian has been playing the guitar and songwriting for 25 years.  Though his “other” life has been dominated by getting overly educated, he’s been a regular performer. In his college days he hosted a singer-songwriter night at the legendary Casey’s Golden Pheasant in his hometown of Billings, Montana; in postgraduate school, he was seen every week at The Globe Inn and Cellar 35 in Aberdeen, Scotland. In between academic degrees, he released a solo album in 2006, Beckon Me. He lives with his family in Billings, Montana, where he also goes fly fishing at every opportunity.