Welcome, Music Lovers!

Welcome to Ticker Tape Parade, the duo collaboration of Kerry Skiles and Brian Mattson! World-class voice + acoustic guitar + original songs.

A "ticker tape parade" is a heroic celebratory parade through a built-up urban area. Confetti is thrown from the high windows of nearby office buildings onto the parade route, creating a wild blizzard effect. Originating in New York City, the original confetti was "ticker tape": thin paper used to print a running tab of Wall Street stock prices. You know, like the "ticker" you sometimes see floating across your cable news channel? Well, they used to do that the old-fashioned way, actually printing it on "ticker tape." Stock prices are obsolete within minutes, so you can imagine how the stuff used to pile up. What better material to throw on a passing parade?

Kerry and Brian sing about and await with anticipation the ultimate ticker tape parade: the day when, they believe, "every fearful soul will be forever unafraid."

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New Tunes! (And Why You Cannot Download) 

Hello, friends and fans and music lovers!

Kerry and I are happy to announce the arrival of four new demo tracks for your listening pleasure. We love these songs, and hope you will, too! 

"Baby, My Eyes Are Dry" is our back room smoky blues tune, and Kerry lets out her inner Billie Holiday.

"The Problem" is, well, dedicated to all of our friends who are counselors, pastors, therapists, and otherwise who just wish they could say it bluntly, but can't.

"Butte" is an artsy ballad about one of the truly great American cities: Butte, Montana. Butte was at one time the richest city IN THE WORLD, due to the fact that it sat on a giant mountain made of pure copper, as well as the third-largest Irish city in the world (Dublin, Boston, Butte). A century of copper mining has left the city a shadow of what it once was, irreparably scarred, with abandoned mansions on the hill and a giant, gaping hole in the ground.

"I'd Rather Remember" is pure pop rock. Think Taylor Swift for grown ups: Kerry does angst, but not of the teenage variety.

About these tracks on this website: They are DEMO tracks. They are a faithful rendition of what you would hear if Kerry and I played a live show in your living room. They are recorded live, with no fancy overdubs or voice correction or any other studio tricks that give recordings that pleasant "polish." As Demo tracks, they have, therefore, a limited purpose. Commercial use is not that purpose, which is why we are not enabling downloads at this point. 

Our goal is to ultimately produce for you a studio album that benefits from the kind of perfectionism and attention to detail that that entails. But we're happy to let you listen to these tracks while you wait for that wonderful day! So click on over to the "Music" tab or just hit play on the player at the bottom of your screen. Hope to see you at a live show soon!

MontanaFair and Demos! 

Kerry and I have had a blast playing the Community Stage at MontanaFair this week! The first day was HOT, but it has cooled off so nicely. And, to top of a great week, we're happy to announce that we now have real demo tracks available for your listening pleasure. Just click on the site-wide player or click the "Music" tab and enjoy three of our songs, Ticker Tape Parade, Liam, and Wandering.

Wow! Fun Show 

It's hard to describe how much fun it is to actually take something you've been tinkering with in the workshop for a long time and actually bring other people enjoyment with it. That's how Kerry and I feel after tonight's debut outdoor concert. We had a good turnout of family and friends, and look forward to doing a lot more in the future. We're happy to let you know that Ticker Tape Parade will be in the studio next week putting together some demo tracks of some of our original tunes. You'll be able to find them here soon!

Show Day! 

Well, Kerry and I have put in substantial hours to put together what we think is a terrific set. We're excited to "unveil" Ticker Tape Parade, and love the setting. A rural, backyard, open-air show with lots of friends and family. The weather should be excellent. It's always nice when the "work" part of something turns, mysteriously, into the "fun" part of something. We plan to have fun.

There's still time to plan to come, if you're in the Billings area. Click over to "shows" for the time and location.

Hey, We're Not Downers! 

When Kerry and I first started working on this collaboration, we thought we had a big problem. We worried that all of our songs would be depressing. It doesn't bode well to have your shows be major downers! Especially with a name like "Ticker Tape Parade."

But something funny happened. We started writing, and writing some more, and it turns out that very, very few of our songs will bum you out. Maybe our mid-life crises are taking hopeful turns! 

Well, back to rehearsing. Hope to see everyone next Friday!

Some Scratch Teasers... 

You'll notice a site-wide music player on this site. We're a work in progress and haven't professionally recorded any of our tracks yet. So we just hit "record" on a mix out of our PA system and captured some bits for you, just as a little teaser in advance of our debut concert on the 29th!

We Apologize For The Mess 

It's not just the site that's in construction mode; it's the actual band!

Kerry and I are working very hard to put together what we think is a terrific acoustic duo. We're rehearsing every day, polishing material, and writing a slew of all-new songs for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, our "day jobs" require our attention. I (Brian) am traveling much this summer on other business, so our "launch" is turning out to be quite a bit later than we wished. But we eagerly anticipate the unveiling our act for a select audience on July 29th! Stay tuned for details.