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Welcome to Ticker Tape Parade, the duo collaboration of Kerry Skiles and Brian Mattson! World-class voice + acoustic guitar + original songs.

A "ticker tape parade" is a heroic celebratory parade through a built-up urban area. Confetti is thrown from the high windows of nearby office buildings onto the parade route, creating a wild blizzard effect. Originating in New York City, the original confetti was "ticker tape": thin paper used to print a running tab of Wall Street stock prices. You know, like the "ticker" you sometimes see floating across your cable news channel? Well, they used to do that the old-fashioned way, actually printing it on "ticker tape." Stock prices are obsolete within minutes, so you can imagine how the stuff used to pile up. What better material to throw on a passing parade?

Kerry and Brian sing about and await with anticipation the ultimate ticker tape parade: the day when, they believe, "every fearful soul will be forever unafraid."

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